Top 5 House Goals for 2019

Pop open the champagne, it’s nearly 2019! We all know what that means: new year’s resolutions. It’s a fresh start towards positive change. Do you want to get into shape, manage your money or finally start that home brewery business out of the garage? Now is the time! (just Google permit logistics on that whole brewery thing)

If your walls could talk, they’d be setting resolutions too. Here are the top five goals your house wants you to focus on this year.

1) Out with the old, in with the new

Imagine the feeling you get after a fresh haircut. With your dead ends collapsed into a heap on the floor, you’re left with a light and airy feeling. Life is better, because you did a thing. That’s also the feeling you get after you declutter your home.

Although it sounds overwhelming with so many rooms to go through, if you start small and tackle each room individually, you’ll be feeling light and airy in no time. Check out this list of items to consider throwing out of each room:

Once you have a pile too large to ignore, consider donating the items to local charities. If you’re looking to get rid of books, CDs and DVDs, consider the Friends of the Lawrence Public Library. Their drop-off location is located on Kentucky Street just past the library book return. Find out more HERE.

For a comprehensive list of local nonprofits that may accept donations, the City of Lawrence has one HERE.

2) Keep it safe

Now is the time to prepare yourself for the possibility of unexpected dangers in the new year. Step one is to check all of your alarms. Make sure your smoke and carbon monoxide detectors are working and that there is one on each floor of the house. Step two is to check all of your vents so that your home has proper ventilation. That includes the dryer vent. According to the U.S. Fire Administration, lint is highly combustible and results in over 15,000 fires a year.

Click HERE for a full home safety checklist from Real Simple.

3) Create a system to keep it clean

So you’re safe and de-cluttered, but how do you keep it that way? Consider creating a daily or weekly chore system so that you can keep your house looking like it’s been prepped for your snobby cousin’s family who insists on staying over during the holidays.

Visualize consistency with a chore list. You can simply buy one off Amazon or create your own on a cheap whiteboard using prompts like this:

4) Makeover Time

I’m not going to use the haircut analogy again, but out of respect for the hair game, let’s all silently acknowledge its versatility…

… ok moving on …

Everyone loves a good makeover. Maybe it’s time to update your house decor into something more modern, or just more you. Something as simple as changing your curtains or adding plants can really liven up a stale room. If you’re looking to keep costs down, go with a fresh coat of paint.

But if you really want to stay on trend, Elle Decor says that floral fabrics and wallpaper will be “IN” this year while accent walls are so totally “OUT” (said in a Heidi Klum Project Runway voice)

See Elle Decor’s full list HERE and check out 10 design trends the Washington Post says to watch out for HERE.

Photo by Cater Yang on Unsplash

5) Lower the cost

If those articles convinced you that your home is in dire need of an extensive remodel, you’re going to need some extra cash. According to the Department of Energy, you should invest in energy-efficient products to keep costs down in the long-term. LED lights and energy-efficient windows are just two products to consider purchasing. Make sure to change your filters regularly so that units run smoothly. Find out more money-saving tips from The Spruce HERE.

Photo by Álvaro Serrano on Unsplash

IF none of these tips resonated with you and you’re simply ready to let your home go, our McGrew agents can help you find something that better suits your needs for 2019. Whatever your prerogative, we wish you and your home (current or future) a Happy New Year!

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