Considering a Career in Real Estate?


Are you considering a job in real estate?

If your answer is “Yes,” chances are, you are not like other people. Instead, you are a self starter. You are an entrepreneur with drive and focus. You have the discipline it takes to become a success in the real estate industry and you long for the freedom of being your own boss. You want to set your own schedule and organize your priorities in a way that fits both you and your family’s needs. You understand that your income potential is limited ONLY by your effort and energy.

Would you like to take a test drive?

We understand that making a career choice that fits your personality and skill set is an important factor in determining your potential for success. For this reason, we invite you to take a real estate test drive. The McGrew Real Estate Simulator is a state of the art real estate simulation tool. It is designed to assess three essential areas specific to the real estate industry: personality, cognitive ability and sales ability. This is not your run of the mill, ordinary personality test. Through video simulations, The McGrew Real Estate Simulator allows you to play the role of the real estate agent. During this interactive simulation you will find yourself in realistic real estate situations and you will be presented with opportunities to make “real life” decisions. So, be our guest and take a test drive with the McGrew Real Estate Simulator using the three links below.

If you are interested in a career with McGrew Real Estate, we welcome you to contact us.

Pat Flavin

VP, Coaching and Mentoring
Direct: 785-865-8133

Consider a Career with McGrew


Locally Owned and Operated with over 70 Years of Experience

McGrew is one of the few remaining major real estate firms in Kansas that is both locally owned and independently operated (not part of a national franchise). Our clients are confident in the McGrew name and are happy to have the opportunity to “shop locally” for their real estate needs. McGrew Real Estate is a combination of Lawrence real estate firms that stretch back to the 1930’s. McGrew Real Estate itself dates back to 1951 and today includes the former Lawrence Realty Associates and the Gill Agency. With over 70 years of history in the community our real estate agents have the advantage of being associated with an innovative and highly respected brand; a real estate company that dominates the marketplace and gets results for their clients.

The Busiest Office in Town

McGrew Real Estate is the largest real estate brokerage in town and the most successful full service real estate firm in Lawrence, KS. In short, we sell more real estate than anyone and our numbers prove it: We are the number one ranked real estate firm in Lawrence in both units sold and sales volume. In the first half of 2010 McGrew agents sold $52,850,020 worth of Real Estate; 46% more than the second ranked Lawrence firm. McGrew listings have an average sales price that exceeds our competitors by 14.5%. Lawrence homebuyers and home sellers recognize our success and are as excited to work with us as we are to work with them.

Top-Notch Training and Education

The McGrew Real Estate New Salesperson Training Program was originally launched in 1960 by John McGrew. Although this course is ever-changing, mirroring the changes in the industry, John’s vision has remained the same: To educate new agents in a short time frame while providing a curriculum that equips them to know more before their first transaction than many do after years in the business. This comprehensive course covers every aspect of buying and selling from contract to closing as well as contact management, referral building skills and more. Additionally, new agents are able to take part in our mentoring program providing them with firsthand experience in the many nuances of the real estate business. Understanding that one should never stop learning, we also offer many continuing education courses covering a wide range of topics including Home Staging, 1031 exchanges, Outlook Contact Management, Social Media Strategies and more. In short – if we see a need, we provide the education.

Full Service Staff Support

We understand that successful real estate agents are successful because of the relationships they build with their clients. We know that the time agents spend face-to-face with clients in “the field” yields more income per hour than any other real estate related activity. For this reason, McGrew Real Estate provides their agents with a full time, highly qualified support staff. The McGrew Support Team works together within five distinct agent support departments: Listing Department (front end), Marketing Department, Closing Department (Escrow), Technology Support and Management. Our agents know that from the moment they take a listing or write a sales contract the McGrew Support staff is managing their transactions from top to bottom and from beginning to end. As a result, McGrew Real Estate agents don’t have the need to spend endless hours in the office pushing paper, verifying documents, toiling over desktop publishing programs and the like. Instead, they are able to do what they do best: sell real estate.

Highly Innovative and Technologically Advanced

Throughout the past eight decades McGrew has seen Lawrence mature from the once sleepy college town to the vibrant community we have today. Despite the fact that we have been around for a long time, we don’t just do things because “that is the way we have always done it.” Instead, we welcome change as long as it is to the benefit of our agents. McGrew Real Estate is the only company with its own full color, weekly real estate magazine. The McGrew Real Estate Leader sets us apart from our competitors, bolsters our already strong brand and allows us to have full control over how our listings are displayed and the content we present. Our innovation goes beyond print advertising; we have fully embraced technology and applied these exciting new platforms into our company model. In 2009 we were the first to launch our own, fully integrated Mcgrew Company branded iPhone application putting our agents’ listing inventory at the forefront of technology. We were also the first local company to launch a mobile website, which puts our listing inventory at the touch of a button to anyone with an internet ready cell phone. Furthermore, we don’t have to rely on third party web designers to manage our company website. Instead, we manage our website in-house through our own marketing department guaranteeing up-to-date and accurate content, in real time. Additionally, McGrew agents enjoy the benefits of our Virtual Vault system. This system provides our agents with 24 hour online access to any and all transaction documents via a secure online platform. And, as technology continues to change, we continue to have our fingers on the pulse of the future. We offer classes on social media strategies, video and YouTube advertising and online marketing. We don’t just watch change happen, we embrace it.

Connected to a Worldwide Referral Network

Around the world, McGrew Real Estate and the finest real estate firms are united under the Leading Real Estate Companies of the World® banner, forming a global network that more people rely upon to buy and sell homes than any other real estate organization. This global network of 600 premier real estate firms with 150,000 sales associates in 30+ countries around the world, Leading Real Estate Companies of the World® represents the best-known local and regional real estate firms. Even in a challenging market, these companies continue to outsell the competition. In 2009, network companies produced nearly $250 billion in home sales – $60 billion more than any other national brand. Through this affiliation, McGrew Real Estate agents are able to market their listings on a worldwide basis and enjoy the benefits of incoming and outgoing referrals within the largest relocation network in the world.




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