Lawrence Montessori School

Lawrence Montessori School offers care and education to children from five months to six years of age.

Lawrence Montessori School (LMS) offers children a unique learning experience in the most formative years of life. Our vision is to provide your child with an “education as an aid to life” and instill a lifelong love of learning. We nurture the intellect and the spirit of our children honoring their uniqueness and individuality with self-directed learning. Our “prepared environment” lays the foundation for academic excellence, social , and inner discipline.

Infant Community: 5 months to 1 year
A distinguishing feature of the Montessori infant program is that the environment conforms to the physical and psychic needs of the infant, both in the size of the furnishings and in the opportunities for motor development. Minimal furniture, maximum natural light, selected art placed low on the walls, clean floors and well defined spaces invite and encourage gross motor movement. During this time of significant hand and fine motor development, the environment is prepared by providing children educational material specifically designed for eye-hand coordination and concentration. The outdoor environment is a natural extension of the classroom where children spend lots of time in fresh air and sunshine.

Toddler Community: 1 to 3 years
The toddler program at LMS offers hands–on (concrete) experiences in learning which lead to abstractions for later academic work. Our classrooms are thoughtfully prepared with the activities that aid this time of rapid neurological development in the child. The materials we offer to our children are chosen to focus their energy with purpose for cognitive and sensorimotor development. Repetition of preferred activities refines skills and creates order, aids concentration, promotes large and small muscle control and thereby develops self-confidence, self-esteem and independence.

The Primary Program: 3 to 6 Years
The Montessori Primary curriculum is based on the activities of practical life, sensorial, language, mathematics and cultural arts. The activities of practical life encourage the child to develop and learn skills for care of self and environment. The Sensorial activities are designed to develop cognition. Math concepts are leant with materials designed to enable the child understand basic quantity and numeration. The children progress to linear counting and basic math facts of addition, subtraction, multiplication and division. The Montessori language materials are used to develop the hand to use writing instruments and reading is taught phonetically. Children learn to put sounds together to build words and sentences and eventually read. A love of reading is inculcated naturally since the children are so confident with sounds. Most children are reading prior to entering Kindergarten and achieve at or above grade level consistently.

Montessori Kindergarten: 5 to 6 Years
The Lawrence Montessori School Kindergarten curriculum is integrated so that children can understand the critical relationship among all subjects and all aspects of life. Our curriculum covers mathematics, language, biology, botany, physical sciences, history, and geography as well as the arts – music, creative movement, and fine art. During a typical work session in the classroom, the children are engaged in individualized work where they set their goals, manage time, and work on projects using a variety of resources in addition to the didactic Montessori materials. All subjects are seamlessly intertwined so the children are not taught subjects in isolation.

Lawrence Montessori School
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