Last Minute Tips to Holidize Your Home

First things first. Don’t panic. Not everyone can be Martha Stewart when it comes to holiday preparation. It’s called the busiest time of year for a reason, but that doesn’t mean it has to be the most stressful.

Maybe you’re doing some last-minute party prep or maybe you want to feel festive while sitting at home eating candy canes with Mariah Carey. Whatever the reason for your sudden onset of Christmas spirit, here are a few simple ways you can “holidize” your home at lightning speed.

1) The Decor

You can still scour the area for a tree, but if you want to go the nontraditional route, there are plenty of faux trees to DIY. Google “book Christmas tree” to reveal ways you can beautify well-worn friends. Do you have a ladder collecting dust in the garage? Drape some lights over that guy and make his Christmas wish come true. And if you’re uber creative like these Pinterest masterminds, delicately pin some lights on the wall to impress Santa.


Once you have the tree taken care of, hit the Dollar Store. Even if it’s picked over, you can find cheap and sparkly items that can turn into real gems. Check out some easy tutorials in the video below.

If all else fails, take leftover ornaments and place them in bowls, on decorative plates, or anywhere that needs pizazz. It’s Christmas after all. You can get away with a lot, as long as it sparkles.

2) The Food

Time is of the essence here. Holidays are the worst when it comes to navigating supermarket isles. The earlier you can shop, the less elbows you’ll get in the face.

There are many ways you can life hack food for a holiday party. You could simply buy it pre-made or organize the pre-made food in a way that looks like you made an effort...

Feeling confident? Hack your way towards a Masterchef-worthy dish. The best part is that there is less than one percent chance of Gordan Ramsay coming to your home to scream at your artichoke dip.

 A few tips: 

Crockpots are your friend. Throw some stuff in and let the machine rise against you.

Prep ahead. Chop veggies a day or two ahead of time so that when you are ready to cook, you’re not stress eating Santa’s cookies.

Having trouble deciding what to cook? Here are links to appetizers that are (seemingly) quick and painless:

67 Holiday Appetizers to Start Christmas Dinner Off With a Bang

11 Easy Holiday Appetizers You Can Make in 10 Minutes

Easy Crockpot Christmas Candy Recipes

3) The Atmosphere

This is arguably the most important aspect of a Christmas gathering. Yes, it technically includes the decor, but it’s oh so much more than shiny baubles. One might say, there’s magic that goes into creating a cozy vibe.

Tunes. You have to do it. No, really. The end is near. One more day won’t kill you. Crank up Pandora and endure another round of “Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer.” WHY? Because, tradition. No one knows why. What I do know is that no one likes a Scrooge.

Candles. It’s 2018 and the candle companies have won. Every smell in existence can now waft around our home. You want your house to smell like you’ve been slaving over a hot oven baking cookies all week? Buy a gingerbread candle. There’s no shame in the illusion.

Lastly, don’t forget to light up the fireplace. If you don’t have one, play pretend and purchase the fireplace app under Roku Screensavers. It will be worth the $2 for some extra cheer.

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