5 Tools to Organize Your Chaotic Kitchen (With Links!)

Clutter can take over any space in your home, and when cooking is involved, things can easily get messy. These affordable organization tools will help you stay sane in your chaotic kitchen.

1) Use an over-the-door hanger for cutting board storage

Tired of all of your cutting boards, baking pans and cookie sheets taking up much-needed cupboard space? This over-the-door hanger from Amazon will keep them neat and tidy.

2) Invest in a stackable can rack

Do you find yourself purchasing the same canned goods when you go to the grocery store, only to realize when you get home that you have plenty of what you need? A stackable can rack will help you see what you already have and condense space in your cupboards. This one from Amazon holds up to 36 cans, but you can get other versions at most Dollar Stores.

3) Declutter the dreaded Tupperware drawer

We’ve all scoured the Tupperware drawer in hopes of finding an elusive lid that matches our container. Instead of feeling panic, anxiety and anger every time you keep leftovers, invest in this lid organizer. It takes the guessing game away. For a cheaper alternative, use Dollar Store bins or folder organizers. They work just as good!

4) Use a compact storage cart for those in-between areas

Have you ever wondered if there was a way to maximize certain spaces in your kitchen, like that in-between area between your fridge and the wall, or the seemingly useless spot where the cabinets end? Compact storage carts are the way to go! No more useless space.

5) Actually use your junk drawer

If you find yourself throwing random items into your designated junk drawer, only to be too overwhelmed at the thought of one day going through it, take an hour out of your day and organize it in a way that makes sense. You’ll be glad you did! These drawer containers keep everything neat and tidy. You can find them at Dollar Stores or any place that specializes in crafting items.

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